Pollination Management

   Why should I manage pollination?  How can I recognize symptoms of pollination problems?

   How much do honeybees contribute to American Agriculture?

Why might other pollinators be a help, or even a better option?

Resources for Pollination Management

  1. I need resources for  farm/orchard/market garden, or for a particular crop.
  2. I need to learn more about beekeeping.
  3. I want to hire a beekeeper to pollinate my crops.
  4. I need resources for garden pollination.
  5. For whatever reason, honeybees are not an option for me. What alternative pollinators can help me?
  6. I am interested in wildflowers and their pollination

Valuable references on Pollination Management

  1. McGregor's "Pollination Bible"
  2. Keith Delaplane's manual for the US South
  3. Ohio State's manual for the US North
  4. John B. Free, Insect Pollination of Crops (an update on McGregor, not available online, expensive, but available at used book sources)
  5. Rosalind James, Bee Pollination in Agricultural Ecosystems