About the Old Drone

They used to call me Pollinator on the Internet. Now that I’ve retired, people are following my wife’s lead and calling me the Old Drone. That seems kind of odd to me – after all, drones in nature don’t get old – if they fulfill their purpose in life. Or perhaps she is thinking of the unmanned planes they use for target practice.

I guess the drone I like best is the “foundation” of the music when you play the bagpipes.

Anyway, I’m a retired commercial beekeeper; one who specialized in contract pollination, and a former editor/photographer/reporter/janitor for a small town newspaper, a teacher, and a whole lot of other things.

I’m also husband of Janice (the Queen). The old redneck formula for success is to marry UP and keep her happy no matter what. So that is my goal. I have five grandchildren and a┬álot more friends than I deserve.

I can be a curmudgeon, but I hope a kinder, gentler one.

The Old Drone