First wild bees of spring!

Presumed Lasioglossum bee visits bok choy on February 5

Presumed Lasioglossum bee visits bok choy on February 5. Honey bees were also busy, and one is shown for size comparison.

Even though it’s only February 5, the unusual warmth has brought out flowers – and now bees. Honey bees have been out all winter, but these are the first wild bees of spring.

This little gal (on the left) is working on bok choy in my garden. A honey bee, which was also working on these blossoms, is included on the right side for size comparison. This irridescent greenish black bee, is likely a lasioglossum, though I can be sure, because I can’t see the wing veination. It was sunny this afternoon with some clouds scuttling along, got up to 83F. It was quite breezy, so was very difficult to get a clear shot.

First Xylocopa virginica of 2012

First Xylocopa virginica of 2012

I hate to post a blurry photo, but the wind was whipping the plant and focus was very difficult. This gal got spooked by my presence and flew off after this shot. But it does make proof that the eastern carpenter bee was out at this extremely early date. I always have said, it’s not really spring yet, until you see the carpenter bees.


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