Just started: new garden blog!

As an avid gardener, much of my writing is on garden topics not necessarily relevant to this page. So I’ve started a new blog, GadenSouth at http://gardensouth.org/ Gardening in the South presents some unique opportunities and some unique problems, and not all of these are well covered in garden literature.
I’m always experimenting, so this should be an active blog. There will be overlap, and I considered posting duplicates, but then decided to link, so look on the right hand column for articles relevant to both gardening and pollination or bees.

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  • Lisa Beerntsen Says:

    hello! I stumbled into your blog while doing casual research on bees– I’m a gardener & a painter, and I’ve lately been painting bees. I’m about to start a blog featuring both the paintings and facts about bees as I learn them, and wondered if you’d mind if I quote from your blog, and of course, link over here to your site. Let me know if you mind– and Thank you for writing it, it’s very helpful!!

  • Lisa Beerntsen Says:

    Follow up to last mssg: My blog address is above, please let me know if you have any objections! Thank you so much, L

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