The last wild bee of 2010

Last wild bee of 2010

Last wild bee of 2010

I was showing our wild bee house to a friend on Thursday morning, December 30 at about 10:30, when, to my great surprise, a little green bee came flying out of one of the canes. I did not have a camera with me to document it. But it happened so fast that I barely got a glimpse anyway.

On Thursday, we were coming out of the deep freeze that has characterized most of December. On the 2nd, we got our first killing frost, and it went into a record cold snap, hitting 15 degrees a couple weeks later, and  even bringing in a rare couple inches of snow on Christmas day.

But on Thursday, it was in the mid 40s, and would reach 61 by afternoon. The next day, New Year’s Eve, it reached 72.

I frequently checked the bee house the rest of Thursday and Friday, hoping to get another look at, and a photo of, our little halictid, but I never saw it. It was bright green, and a bit smaller than a honeybee, probably Agapostemon. It flew from a clean cane, with no sign of any plug, so I presume it was not a new hatch, but an adult that was merely sleeping in the cane.

Floral resources are scant, but there are some. Our Christmas camelias were decimated by the cold, but there are a few tattered blossoms that honeybees were checking out in the afternoons. Pansies were likewide decimated and a few rough-looking blossoms were beginning to open. Now I’ve never seen any bee visit a pansy, so it’s probably not a resource.

The regular camelias had just started blooming before the worst of the cold, but they were killed back, and no new buds have opened yet.

A few dandelions are blooming, but I’ve not seen a bee on them. Nearby, there is a little henbit blooming. Both are usually good forage plants for bees.

Wish I had a photo, but just seeing the little gal was such a surprise at this time, that I had to report it.

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