Australia Pollinators

Graeme Armstrong, , Queenbee Breeder, Pollination services, in Ayr, North Quensland.

Orchard and Crop Pollination Services, Peter Detchon,  95, Manning Street, Scarborough, WA 6019,  "Hives", "Beetubes" and "Dedicated Pollination Units,(DPUs), throughout the state of Western Australia, melons and mangoes in the northwest(Kununurra),stonefruits and apples in the Perth Hills,and South-West, as well as avocados and cherries from Pemberton through to Albany.Enquiries for other crops and areas are welcome. :Home Phone (08)9341-3087; Mobile Phone 0428-936-797; Fax (08) 9245-3181; (Chairman of the West Australian Beekeepers' Association.)

Adrian and Leanne
Jones,  Childers, Queensland.

Wayne Sawdy , Inglewood QLD area, crop pollination service

Geoff & Mary Smith,  Tintinara, South East South Australia

Freebee Quality,  Elizabeth Taylor; Sigi Friebe, RMB 5460, Wangaratta VICTORIA
AUSTRALIA 3678    Phone: 03) 5721 4297, FAX: 03) 5722 4706   500+ doubles,
Any distance, Eastern States (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA),  Almonds, Apples, Faba beans, Cherries, Pears, Canola, Lucern, All Horticultural Crops

Barry Metz, Phone 0269 243828 Bus, 0269 243354 Home, 0412 637224 Mobile,  300+ hives, work an area approx. 400 Km Radius from Wagga Wagga NSW for Canola and Lucerne,   Member of the New South Wales Apiarist Association. Need eight to twelve weeks notice. All arrangements are by written contract and I require a deposit on unloading.

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Pollination Consultants and Information

Manning, Rob, Research officer in Apiculture, Animal Research and Development Services, Agriculture WA. Currently working on Supplementary feedstuffs using lupin, pollination work using BeeTubes - cherrys, avocado, Kiwifruit. Crop pollination by honey bees of Canola. Pollen analysis. CD-ROM of honey bee pollination information & research.

Goodman, Russell, Apicultural Officer with the Institute for Horticultural Development, Knoxfield, Agriculture Victoria, which is a business unit of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Consultant in bee diseases and crop pollination.

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